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Home plan

Constructed surfaces

: 143 m2
Porch (50%): 24,3 m2
: 167,3 m2

Side elevations and section

Front View

Rear view

View from left side

View from right side

Sectional view


Hall: 143 m2
Hall 24,3 m2
Total: 167,3 m2

Technical Specifications

Exterior walls 240 mm, interior walls 160 mm according to the project, of laminated trunk (pine), insulated inside with PIR insulation, painted with paint from Remmers (Germany), assembled in panels, ready for installation, with electrical installation in corrugated metal tube with PVC insulation.
Windows 88 Din glued pine, accessories Roto (Germany), primer and varnish Remmers (Germany), Double-glazed window double-chamber (4iх16х4х14х4i) Guardian ClimaGuard Solar
Stained glass
Windows with a 160 mm thick frame, Remmers primer and varnish (Germany), double-glazed double-chamber window (4iх16х4х14х4i) Guardian ClimaGuard Solar.
Solid pine entrance doors, window color painted, Remmers primer and varnish (Germany), Roto fittings (Germany). Interior doors in solid pine varnished in color.
Flashing, fences painted in the color of the windows. Remmers primer and varnish (Germany).
  • Walls with a thickness of 240 mm and 160 mm from glued beams (pine), insulated inside with PIR insulation, paint from Remmers (Germany). The walls are assembled in panels and ready for installation.
  • Wiring is made in a metal sleeve with PVC insulation.
  • Films of waterproofing and vapor barrier "JUTA" (Czech Republic), "Yutavek" 115, "Yutafol" H96.
  • Mineral wool insulation. The thickness of the insulation is 300 mm.
Reinforced concrete foundation slab. Thickness 25 cm.
PB (polybutylene) water supply pipes, PVC drain pipes. An electric heater is used for hot water supply.
The electrical installation is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the current Low Voltage Electrotechnical Regulations. It includes the light points, TV and telephone sockets provided by current regulations. VIKO mechanisms.
Complete kitchen furniture, made with kitchen fronts with Top Form Q-Line coating, Supermate finish, "J" type integrated handle profile, ABS thermoplastic edges; drawers and shelves in the same material as the body, soft closing system. Stainless steel sink with taps.



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